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Wednesday , April 21 , 2004

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21st April 2004

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So that's it.

I know it's not the most conclusive ending; but somehow, to put a resounding full stop after so short a run would be inappropriate.

I give my warmest gratitude to everyone who's supported the strip over the years. You've been wonderful; and it has been good. (All good things...)

Until next time...

I am grey, still on the page
Oh colour me in
Just an outline, sketchy but fine
Oh colour me in

If green is chasing the hills over miles,
If blue is pursuing the skies
See if the red of your heart doesn't mind
When you begin to colour me in

Something new and nothing to do
And I'm just the ideal
I must be real, 'cause somehow I feel
That I'm just the ideal

Let show the blue of the towering sky
The green of the hills that roll by
Leave the red of your heart to decide
If you cannot choose which colour to use

I'll always wait, it's never too late
To colour me in
To colour me in

Today or next year, I'll always be here
If you want to colour me in

I'll always wait, it's never too late
To colour me in
To colour me in
To colour me in...

Broadcast, 'Colour Me In'

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